Friday, 3 February 2012

News: No Regrets – Monumental Idea Video

“No Regrets” is the story of Jordan Gordon, a baffoon turned successful businessman whose only regret is that he never asked out his college infatuation. When she reaches out to him years later via a social networking site, does he finally tell her how he feels or does he crack under the pressure? This was our submission into the 2009 Film Challenge. We had 3 days to write, film, edit and produce a 7-minute film. To further complicate things, we were randomly assigned our genre: Romance We were also given there parameters that our movie had to meet. 1. We had to have a character named Jordan Gordon, Systems Analyst 2. We had to have a bicycle as a prop 3. We had to have the line of dialogue, “This could get very complicated.”

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No Regrets – Monumental Idea Video
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