Tuesday, 14 February 2012

News: Knog Party Frank Cable Lock

  • Medical grade silicon over braided steel cable
  • 620mm in length
  • Includes three keys with matching color grip
  • 250 grams

The timeless pick-up line, ?Hey lady, you make me wanna wrap my sausage round a pole!? is as debonair as it is disarmingly effective. The Party Frank is that sausage wrapped around that pole 24-7 and it wants all the ladies to know that nothing?s gunna break its hold. Patented seamless overmould using medical grade UV stable silicone. Braided loose bound steel cable with fibre core (making cable more secure in the event of bolt cutter attack). Includes 3 colour-coded overmoulded keys with wrist coil. 1000 combination blade style lock cylinder. 8mm Stainless steel locking shackle. No leverage points. Cable Diameter 12mm, Steel Cable Diameter 5mm. Non Mark / Scratch surface.

Knog Party Frank Cable Lock

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